Rachel Schraven


Photographer and videographer Rachel Schraven’s work breathes lifestyle.
Her love for light is addictive. 
She plays with light and uses it to create depth in her imagery. 
Her work is real but in the most beautiful way. 
She captures what only she sees: those 
in-between moments that make the image almost start moving when looking at it. 
Her work is pure, feminine but strong, dreamy but with spice. 
She really knows how to capture women in their purest form: strong, feminine, confident.

Rachel pays extra attention to ambience and knows how to make products look appealing without compromising that ambience. 
IN THE MOMENT: are three words that perfectly describe the ambience. 
She truly knows how to capture a moment in time including its emotions. 
We find those emotions in the models posture, look, and the way that they move.

Rachel her work is intimate and if we had to choose her main message it would be love. 
Self love, love for each-other, love for nature and overall: love for life. 
(Says Sophie de Groot, co-founder of The Next Chapter Agency)

Telephone: 0031 (0)6 16 49 48 11
E-mail: info@rachel-photography.nl

© 2011 Rachel Schraven